dsc_1313Hello there,

This is my first review for the year and I’m loving it. I received the PR media kit from Merci handy UK.  A set of cleansing hand gels which was recently launched.

I was sent 6 bottles, they are lightly fragranced and easy to apply.

It came well packaged in a box, with flyers and a cute kit.pngdsc_1306dsc_1302dsc_1304

My favourite scent so far is the ‘New wave” the blue bottle. dsc_1314

It has a liquid consistency rather than paste gel, which I like. I checked their website for the prices and they are very affordable, all under £3. I also like the fact that it’s small sized and fits well into my purse, coat or pocket.

If you’d love to try this it’s available in all TOP SHOP stores and on Merci Handi website . I have a UK free shipping code “mercihandylovesuk” which you can use.dsc_1310dsc_1301dsc_1303

If you try it out, do let me know.


Hope you’re well.



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