1. L.A GIRL EYE BROW GEL:  I bought this at a beauty store in Lekki for N2000, I’ve been using it for about 3 days now, I would say it’s a good buy. I use it as a brow pomade, so Instead of pencil, This comes in. It’s soft and easy to apply with great colour. However I think it’s very small for the price .DSC_0128DSC_0102

2. SHEA MOISTURE SHAMPOO: I received this at the Shea moisture event, I’ve been using this every other day for my hairline. I use it in the shower to remove residue of gels and makeup on my edges. I love the smell and how it cleans it thoroughly.DSC_01383. JAMAICAN BLACK CASTOR OIL: I really like this. It’s slightly different from that regular JBCO,it has mango and lime in it. I like the consistency and how easily it mixes with other oils. DSC_0115

4. ZARON PENCILS: I got this for N1,000 each. I was a bit skeptical but I’m glad I purchased them. They are very pigmented and the Black one is great for Waterline applications. I use the purple/wine one as a Lip liner and it’s perfect for my nude lipsticks.DSC_0121

5.  L.A PRO CONCEALER IN DARK COCOA: I have this product in about 4 shades. But this is my best so far. It’s the perfect shade for cleaning up the upper part of my brows. Though it looks dark from that tube, it’s really not. It’s my exact skin shade and I just love the way it eliminates the halo effect and how nicely it blends in. DSC_0126

6. HAIR BUTTER: I got this as a gift from We naturals, but I only started using it recently. I use it to oil my scalp before wearing a wig and to condition my hair. I like how well it dissolves into my hair and keeps it shiny all day long. Even as my hair rubs against my wig cap.DSC_0307

7. BLACK UP ANGLE BRUSH: I got this at the Black up Paris event a while ago. I love it even more now as it doubles as a brow and liner brush. It’s so sharp and of great quality. It gives me the perfect wig liner and cleans easily.  DSC_0134
These are my current favourites. I try not to be a product junkie when it comes to hair and beauty but it’s difficult when these companies keep making awesome products ^.^

Hope you enjoyed this post.




  1. I had been searching for the LA Girl Pro concealers for months, until last week when I found them at my local hair store. I haven’t used them yet but I expect they’ll be really nice as I haven’t seen any bad reviews.

    Berry Dakara Blog

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