Besides the Bible I love other faith-based resources. From YouTube videos to podcasts to blogs, I spend quite some time on these. I thought to share my top Christian blogs with you. These are blogs written by seasoned believers, who have trained themselves with the word of God. I find myself going through their archives to re-read posts and share with my network.

  1. In the midst of Her: I won’t talk too much about this blog, just take some time and visit it. You would be oh so edified! she breaks it down. Rightly dividing. My best post from her is about the 1 Timothy 3 man. If you are in a relationship or looking to enter one, this would be a great guide for you.
  2. Precious Thoughts: This blog is written by my dear friend Chinomso precious, How I love her. Her posts are not too lengthy but they are just right. The way she uses her life circumstances to write posts are simply beautiful. I also love her profound phrases and how she interprets the word.
  3. The praying woman: This website is a great one. Awesome resources on many life issues, from faith to parenting and courting. It has it all. Written by different authors but absolutely apt and uplifting.
  4. Dephne Madyara: If you watch my YouTube Videos, You’d know this lady. I’ve mentioned her before and I just love how she shares the word.  She has a series on the holy spirit, courting and beauty. My spirit resonates with her and she’s been an absolute blessing to me.

There are lots of other Christian blogs but I read just a few……Do let me know which other faith-based blogs you read. I would love to add more to my reading list.

How did you weekend go? Sorry I’ve been MIA, my week has been uber busy. I’m working on a project for…. but hopefully would be free this coming week.

On that note, kindly help me fill this  survey HERE

I’d be back to blogging full time!



5 Comments on “MY TOP 4 CHRISTIAN BLOGS”

  1. I second Nedoux, i love, reading the articles has made me see my relayionship with God in new light.

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