If you are like me, then this post is for you. I have a fairly busy schedule and it doesn’t encourage a tidy environment. Most people think being an entrepreneur means you can do what you want, how you want…….but that’s far from the truth. Working for yourself means being at your clients disposal.

I consider myself a creative, and most creative people have selective OCD when it comes to space organisation. I have a lot of stuff; From work equipments to clothing to sentimental items. I often tease myself on how I’d need a trailer truck to move my belongings whenever I need to move out.

Recently this has been my schedule: Out by 10am and back late. When I return I just want to rest and not bother about the heap of clothes on my bed, ‘probably accumulated from choosing what to wear ‘. I figured out basic ways to keep my bedroom (a.k.a workstation) organised, regardless of my lack of time and thought to share some tips with you.
1. Find a place for everything: the number one challenge I had was having to figure out the best place to put what. I have a spacious closest, so dressing up is a chore. I sometimes have to undo an entire section just to find that ‘black shirt’. I figured out I needed to put things in allocated spaces, so when needed I won’t need to search too hard.

Besides my dresser, I bought racks for my blazers and shoes, a transparent makeup bag and clear-bag files for my weaves. With these, most things that cause litter are in one place.  I also got gifted a cute laundry box that doubles as a stool. This is so effective for me, as the size it perfect. Doesn’t take too many clothes hence you have to wash often.

2. Don’t be subtle hoarder: Throw away those old perfume bottles, give out clothes and shoes you know you don’t wear anymore. It’s basically clutter. If it has little sentimental value to you give it away. No need holding on to old birthday cards or high school books . When I declutter it’s so therapeutic. I feel all I have is what’s essential and I’m content.

3. Put things back when you use them: From straighteners to shoe polish. Always leave things the way you took them. I had a problem with leaving my hair dryer lying around when done, and It just constituted a mess. Is always better to roll away the cord and keep it back in its drawer. Cleaning up is so much easier with this technique. You only need to sweep, dust or mop most times. The organising part is done.

4. Have a clean up schedule: Depending on your lifestyle, have a time allotted to tidying. For instance, my room gets sandy a lot, so I sweep every two days. I mop on Saturday mornings, and do my laundry Immediately after. This has turned into a habit and has fostered a clean environment.

5. Get help where you can: I’m pro DIY and I’m also pro ‘time is money’. If I can use the washing machine why not? If I can afford a laundry service why not. I’m pro everyone should be domestic but I’m also pro use your time wisely. Sometimes when my friends come over, we gist and fold up all the clothes in my closet. It makes the work faster and saves time. I usually don’t have to re-arrange till months after. My closet is also colour and style coordinated. i.e. in the section you find my shirts, they would be arranged according to hues. This gives a better visual layout and helps with sorting.

And thats all!

Do you have tips that help you keep your room organised? then share them in the comment box below. I’d love to hear from you.






  1. Really helpful tips! I agree with you, it’s always good to put things back when you use them, it makes things easier n less disorganised. My closet is really small, so I find it difficult to arrange my clothes the way I want. I end up not wearing some of my Cloths cause am just too lazy to dig deep. I discover some “forgotten Cloths” when I try to rearrange my closet lool. And I’m like “oh my! Totally forgot this dress”.
    But moving soon, hopefully, I get a place with a bigger closet. Thanks for sharing.


  2. Omg. We are so alike. I had to find a way to keep my room tidy so I won’t run mad. Plus I can’t work in a cluttered environment. I had to learn some of these tips the hard way. Like the subtle hoarder part. I started decluttering last year.

  3. My room is in a bad shape right now, these tips are very helpful especially with giving old things away… am going to do that ASAP

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