Happy new week, Here’s a new video on courting. Basically the notion of the “one”. Is there really just one person pre-destined for us by God in marriage?

In this video, I talk about this popular belief and explain it with scriptures…

It’s an interesting one and I hope you enjoy.

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  1. ok, I found the discussion interesting. On what I believe, there is no sure answer because God is the one who makes the decision and His ways and His thoughts are different from ours. However there is no human being sent on earth without a purpose and there will always be people needed to complete such purpose, these may be men or women.
    Marriage on its own is a purpose, because the entire mission of man is to multiply and fill the earth and marriage is a means to that end, irrespective of people’s take on marriage. thus we may decide to say that the earth is already filled and choose not to marry.
    If we choose to let God be the one running our entire life then why not, He would choose by Himself someone for us but as to Him haven created a particular person, that is also possible since he knows us even from the womb, He knows if we would be profane or not, just like Esau and Jacob.

  2. Hi Tosin,

    Very insightful message.

    I agree with you, the idea that there is just one predestined person created specifically for each person would be quite limiting, and even if it were true, geographical factors might disturb the possibility of this one-in-a-million romance ever budding.

    Imagine if one person lived on the highest mountain in the world and the other lived in the deepest valley, what are the chances that their paths would ever cross? 😀

    Indeed, anyone can become complimentary to another person, it all depends on time, chance and the desire to stay committed.

  3. I agree with a lot of things you have said. However, I believe that the reason/most important goal of marriage is to help us attain Christ-likeness. This might be the purpose you allude to but I just wanted to mention it. Also, if there was only one person for us all, everyone would be married to the wrong persons because once a single person makes a mistake, then it continues rolls over to everyone. Again, there is a “best” person as you mentioned. My question about this is then at what point do you distinguish the best fit from ok fit?

    • Great point, and yes thats the purpose and also an helper to fulfil to fulfil your assignment on earth. To distinguish the best fit from ok fit in marriage, the answer is by the holy spirit and not by self assessment. thank you for your great comment.

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