1. Loyal- Lauren daigle 

This is a song that’s oh so beautiful, it talks about  God’s unwavering and perfect love. It’s a high tempo track that would get you in high spirits. I absolutely love it.

2. It’s an honour – Tsharp. 

My friend Hannah recommended this song to me.  It’s that type of song you’d find yourself singing everywhere. If it’s possible to scratch the track on my iTunes, I would have. I’ve over played this song. It talks about the sovereignty of God and the privilege to call him father.  I often find myself praying along with this song.

3. Even when it hurts- Hillsong. 

Oh how I love this song. Whenever I’m feeling blue I play this by my bed side. So soothing yet refreshing. It’s a song about acknowledging God even when you don’t feel like it. It reminds you of your faith in God..

4. What can I do-Tye tribet 

I just heard this song recently, and it’s a song about being totally dependent on God. How man is nothing without that power of God.  It’s indeed a great song.

5. Alagbara- Onos: Onos is a Nigerian worship minister. I used to attend the same church with her, so I’m familiar with her incredible gift. Alagbara is THAT song. It’s titled in Yoruba but I guarantee you it would minister to any tribe. Alagbara means  powerful or Mighty. This song is fantastic. I’m always in tears when I’m in the place of worship. Amazing song….


Which one of these songs have you heard? If none, do check them out and also let me know in the comment box what song takes you to that place of worship……

I’d love to know and check them out. 

How’s your week going,




  1. I’d checkout numbers 1-3 since. I love Alagbara and What can I do!

    My current replays have been ‘Way maker’ by Sinach and ‘Made a way’ by Travis Greene! These songs say who God has been, is and will be to me!

    Thanks for sharing!

  2. Have not tried any also the one in the comment by B. Will try and check them out… Nice post, keep it up Tosin.

  3. Hi Tosin,

    How are you?

    Thank you for sharing this. 🙂

    Damita Haddon’s “It all belongs to you” is one of my favourite worship songs, it inspires utmost submission to God’s will.

    Enjoy the rest of the week.

  4. Long time, no comment lol. Lauren Diagle-first, Sinach-more of you, Glowreeyah- miracle worker (just found this song), Love on the line- Hillsong and most Tope Alabi songs.
    See you soon hun, *hugs*

  5. Thanks for sharing.what can I do by Tye Tribbett does it for me everytime. Imela also.Pls can you provide links to download the songs .especially 1,2 and 3?don’t have those songs.thanks

    • Hello, thank you for reading.
      the YouTube video links are there. However I listen to most songs online or buy them on iTunes. I don’t Download songs because most sites are illegal. But you can use YouTube to MP3 for music downloads.

  6. Tostos! I’ve heard and I love ‘what can I do’ by Tye Tribett….imela by Nathaniel Bassey , Màyó by Gil Joe and you covered me by Dr R.A Vernon…..

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