Everything you have ever wanted, is sitting on the other side of fear.


How are you all doing, I hope you’re doing well. Today I just wanted to come to my blog and tell you how much I love you.

I find blogging so therapeutic. When I’m happy I blog, When I’m stressed I blog. I love how everything gives me post ideas . Most times after a busy day I just come to my laptop and stare, before I know it I’m typing. My most engaging posts are usually the spontaneous ones.

I really do not share in-depth personal details about myself here, I try to keep everything at surface level,  except when I’m discussing topics like faith and life lessons where transparency is important, but regardless I’m still able to share bits and pieces of my life and make it interesting enough for you to read.

I started blogging at a point in my life where I needed an avenue to showcase the woman I was becoming. I’m not a dancer or an artist but I consider myself a well spring of ideas. I’ve been blogging for over four years but more intentionally in the past two years. During this time I have learned so much, grown so much, and I have reached so much.

It’s amazing how  a computer, internet and a willing mind can influence the lives of others… I really don’t take this opportunity for granted. Anytime I get a notification for a new subscriber or follower I still have the same feeling every single time and it’s the feeling of gratitude.

I haven’t ‘arrived‘, I haven’t  been featured on Forbes, I haven’t made millions from blogging, But  by God’s special grace this platform has touched lives. I get fantastic encouraging emails from people in different parts of the world, some mails are so personal I don’t even know how to reply them, I literally have to ask the holy spirit to help me in responding.  Many of you don’t know me personally but you trust me with your time. You check my blog, you send me mails, and some even gifts.

I review products and you buy them, I suggest tips and you follow them. It’s really humbling. I sincerely don’t believe in impact-less Fame, I believe in reaching and teaching.

Yesterday, I went to the Palms mall Lekki to have lunch with a friend, and I got stopped by about 3 different people who came to say they read my blog and follow me on YouTube. I was so shy I just smiled and gave them hugs. I’m far from a celebrity, but I’m reaching for greatness and this blog has been oh so developmental and instrumental.

A huge hug and thank you to everyone who reads my blog, follows my youtube, instagram and tells a friend about this young Kingdom woman.

I love you and I pray God blesses you in all your ways..

Lots of love

Tosin Alabi

8 Comments on “DEAR READER, I LOVE YOU”

  1. Aww. This is a sweet post! I always enjoy reading your posts. There is just something honest and real about them. You are doing a great job.

  2. Even if I don’t really follow you on YouTube, I read ur blog, follow you on instagram and always super proud to tell a friend about you, keep the good work going. I love u very much and I pray dat the Holy spirit will continue to be ur teacher, ur comforter, ur strengthener, ur standby, ur counselor and ur helper IJN. Amen

  3. I am really inspired by your write up, you inspire me a lot and I discuss you with my friend love your posts on faith (YouTube)… I download your videos all the way just to help lift me up. Keep it up, love to meet you some day.

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