Screen Shot 2015-11-27 at 12.30.04 PMHello!

I love pleasant news and features! today has been a great day so far. My video on the ‘challenges of a young entrepreneur’ was featured on the coach Hub. The coach hub 2020 is platform dedicated to supporting young entrepreneurial and career-minded Nigerians in U.K. They are dedicated to helping you grow, develop and excel. See the feature HERE

The video was featured with my profile above it…..I think I need a new professional profile photo, Like those ones where you look as though you have a billion pounds in your account LOL. I have to start looking the part that God is taking me to….which reminds me of the Post I wrote recently on my Instagram see below.

Prepare yourself for your purpose. #musings#logos

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Don’t forget to read/Watch my feature on the COACH HUB

So tell me where do you see God taking you? What’s your vision for your life in some years?

I see my self being married, preaching the gospel in nations and on Forbes list!  

So, Make sure you drop a comment & speak your vision into reality.

I’d absolutely love to hear from you. 



4 Comments on “I WAS FEATURED! + MINI LOGOS”

  1. Where I see God taking me is way bigger than what I can ever imagine and I’m really grateful for that. You’re Instagram post thought me a few things I has to know. Thank you Tosin

  2. Hey Tosin!So first i need to let you know you do a great great work with your blog. My vision for my life is to have my own family(a happy one),to have fully established my clothing brand(which i’m currently working on) and to constantly be a vessel for the lord.Meanwhile,i could make you one or two dresses that’d make you look like you have a million pounds!

  3. I see myself having 2 charity foundations in different countries which would preach the gospel to those we help along way. I also see myself achieving a whole lot at a young age !
    All by God’s grace.

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