Here’s the second video I made with Sisi Yemmie! On blogging in Nigeria. Watch the fist one HERE. We answered lots of questions and shared tips for bloggers. It was so much fun and we got lots of positive feedback on YouTube ! It’s a long video but I promise you it’s absolutely worth it!.

Kindly watch in HD, Share and Drop a comment! I’d love to hear from you.

Connect with me on Twitter @LLynn_J and on Instagram @Lynnjaphet  .

We Tag All Nigerian bloggers to do this either as a video or a blog post. Here are the questions (We formulated them so make sure you tag us when you do yours, winks):

1. Name of your blog.
2. Why did you start blogging
3. Are you a full time blogger.
4. What you know now that you wish you knew then.
5.  Challenges of blogging in Nigeria
6. How much was your first paid ad/ anything.
7. How is the Nigerian blogosphere.
8.  What’s your family’s response to you blogging knowing the Nigerian culture with staple jobs.
9. Message to Nigerian brands.
10. Plans for your blog.
11. Perks of blogging in Nigeria.
12. Do you think blogging should be a career path?
13. What do you hope for the future of blogging in Nigeria…
14. Have you ever been copy righted/stolen from someone
15. Do you feel fulfilled blogging.



  1. Nice video, Tosin and Sisi Yemmie. I plan to do some of the tag on Periscope and the rest as a blog post. I would do it all on Periscope but I’m worried about the data. Keep up the great work.

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