Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 14.32.03Fiji is a crowd-sourcing logistics platform aimed at solving the challenges of deliveries first in Lagos then Nigeria. With a business model built around crowd-sourcing, it’s redefining the logistics space by using customized technology and innovations.
They have created an opportunity for an unemployed person, a 9 – 5 worker or an entrepreneur to make some extra cash with resources they already have (Motorbike, Car, Van).
This model is designed to meet the shipping needs of regular customers, offline retailers (brick and mortar stores) and e-commerce companies in Nigeria, thereby fostering competition between big and small retailers by providing a level playing field for smaller businesses that do not have the capacity to invest in a private fleet for logistics.Screen Shot 2015-09-01 at 14.54.12

FIJI recognizes that the negative implications of urbanization in Nigeria – like in any other country in the world – such as congested roads, especially in Lagos, have added more to the headache of logistics. Last mile delivery has taken most of the heat of the effect of this urbanization and demand for it (last mile delivery) is likely to increase as e-commerce volumes grow.
We strongly believe this model is a scalable solution to problems faced with last mile deliveries. There is a 100% chance someone is already going in the direction of your package which needs to be delivered. We are plugging into that people-power with concrete validation of dispatchers. With the number of validated dispatchers increasing on our platform, we are beginning to have coverage of the entire Lagos state. Having dispatchers in different Local Government areas/towns in Lagos.

Operations began in Lagos this year with a solid technical back-end to process pickup and delivery requests on the fly. Customers make pickup requests on our website and within minutes, the request has been assigned to a dispatcher within the pickup region. Deliveries are guaranteed to be done on the same pickup day. Rate Card for FijiCrowd vsame-day v2However, this has pretty much been a semi-automated process as we are using this as a knowledge gathering phase to increase our understanding of the requirements to effectively run this model automatically and adequately build our findings into the Fiji app. Our technical team have been putting the pieces together in completing the app.

With the Fiji app, you can place pickup requests and get to see available dispatch riders / drivers in your location for quick pickup and delivery. On the app, you can track and trace your package movements from pickup point to delivery point. You can as well get to see the bio data of the dispatch rider / driver before he/she comes to pickup your package. All you need to use this app as a customer or a dispatch rider is a smart phone and an internet connection. The Fiji app is set for release in Q4 2015.

CHECK OUT FIJI HERE OR   CALL   0818-8500-944 || 0802-8635-904

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