I received these lovely cakes from @Demi’s dessert, A company that specialises in gourmet desserts.

I was sent two cakes:

  1. Two Cheese Cakes with Strawberry sauce
  2. Lait white Chocolate gateau with Apple and Caramel filling.

Demi’s dessert have been in operation since 1988 making baked goods, celebration cakes and various pastries using the latest and modern method.  The dessert line was later incorporated into the selection of goods they have. The company is run by a trained baker/patisserie chef.

The cakes were delivered to my office on Thursday morning and as soon as it was delivered I decided to take pictures, because they looked so yummy and I couldn’t guarantee that I wouldn’t finish them before the close of day.

I first had the cheese cakes because they were smaller. The cheese cakes came with a strawberry kind of sauce. The Texture is comparable to Jam or Honey.


TASTE: The cake was very moist and the cheese tasted fresh which I liked. The crumble beneath was also yum. The best part of the cheese cake was the strawberry sauce that came with it, Soooooooo sweet. I literally finger licked the cup above.

Just before the close of day I cut the main cake below i.e the white chocolate gateau, and I wasn’t disappointed. I had put it in the fridge all day and the consistency was just right when I was ready to have a slice.

The best part of this cake was that I could taste every flavour and filling. The caramel was not diluted with the cream, every ingredient complimented each other perfectly. The white chocolate and apple taste were very evident. DSC_1228


My overall experience with Demi’s dessert was a 9/10, and the reason they didn’t get a full 10 is because I felt they could improve on the stickers & packaging. Also I also think they should have a website where prospective consumers can see their gallery and past work. However, Their cakes are too delicious for branding to hold them back, hence my rating.

I can confidently say that Demi’s dessert is one of the yummiest cakes I’ve ever tasted!

So if you’re interested, you can reach them on:

Telephone: +2348023593380 || +2348187731355 || +2348173470681

Email: OR

Address: No.19, Olayemi Street off Nnobi Ikate Surulere, Lagos Nigeria.



Got Questions, requests or suggestions? Kindly leave a comment below, I’d love to hear from you…

NOTE: When it comes to reviews, I like to be very honest. Any company that contacts me for a review is also aware of that. However, if a product or service offered/sent to me is sub-optimal in my opinion I won’t review it on the blog. The reason is I don’t think there is a point in tarnishing the image of a business. Instead I mail back the company and let them know my displeasure and areas in which they may need to improve.

10 Comments on “REVIEW: DEMI’s DESSERTS”

  1. Can I have the cheesecakes please?😢😢

    I have to agree with you on the packaging, the cakes look too yummy to be wrapped in a ‘less yummy’ cover. #NoOffence

    Also, I like how you reviewed the cakes- very detailed even to how the flavours and ingredients complemented each other.

    Kudos, Tosin!

  2. nice review..
    I think you should also include pricing in your reviews..
    ill like to have an idea of how much the cheese cake costs before contacting them….

    • Hello! Thanks for the comment, I just spoke to the chef and she said the reason they don’t really display pricing for cake is because of poachers who go around comparing prices, as no two cakes are ever the same . However this size I had is a sample size , but it can be sold for N5,000. Kindly call Demi’s desserts for any inquiry their customer service is very efficient. 💜 I hope this helps.

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