So I got invited to a Nigerian TV station, Royal Roots TV to discuss natural hair and blogging in general. I was very honored when I got the invitation, This is my second TV feature but my first live show. I was on the set with two lovely hosts, Derin and Fome.

During the show, I was asked questions about my blog, the health aspect of hair, healthy hair habits, product knowledge and natural oils. Also questions on protective styling and length retention were asked by callers. It was a very lovely experience with a nice yet professional production team. Surprisingly lots of men called into the show, with many loving the natural hair movements except one male caller, who specifically felt the idea was absurd, and that natural hair appeared untidy lol. We resolved to ‘one man’s gold is another’s junk”.

I loved being on set and would welcome more features gladly, thank God for growth and a wider reach. I’ve inserted a clip below from my Instagram feed, for you to watch (15secs)


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After the show I went over to my friend Fedara’s house to sleep over as the studio was located on the mainland . The next day we went to have lunch at ‘The place’ in Lekki. I had some super nice Yam, Plantain and Asun(stir-fry goat meat) while Fedara had Plantain, Efo-riro with Asun. Everything we ordered costs N3,100, I personally don’t take juices or drinks with meals, I’d rather just have water with food, I’m trying to stay fit so anyone who has lunch with me will be convinced to have water too lol.

That’s the beautiful fedara below, shes also a naturalista!



So that’s how my yesterday and today went!

How you doing?? Sure all is well………

keep me in your prayers as I keep you in mine ^.^

Have a productive week ahead…..

Got Questions, requests or suggestions? Kindly leave a comment below, I’d love to hear from you…



All personal images/Pictorials and videos are owned by Africanismcosmopolitan.com (Water marked/not……Except otherwise stated) and they may NOT be used in any way without prior consent of author, Legal actions would be taken.


  1. *sighs* I’ve not been getting emails as usual. I don’t know how your blog was unfollowed. It’s sorted now!😀😀

    Well done, dear! You know this is just the beginning, yeah? Eyes have not seen, ears have not heard… Loving you with prayer all the way, sis!

    Ehen! That red dress is ghen ghen🙈🙈 I wish you took a picture of the dress you wore on set.😔 You’re always a delight to behold. Keep soaring!💜

  2. well done i have been stalking your blog but i just have to comment today.And i loooove your style,what do you do with the dresses you no longer wear ?lol

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