I’ve been wanting to upgrade the blog layout for a while now; to something more functional, user-friendly and clean, and that required me to buy and install a new theme. Also I’ve been procrastinating properly tagging all my posts in order to create new menus…..but I finally got to it and voila!

This new layout allows you to choose what exactly interests you, no need to scroll all the way down when looking for a post, Just use the menu options to streamline your search. Remember when I did a poll asking you readers what you visit the blog for ? I used that poll result to create this layout. If you visit here just for Hair there’s a tab for that, If for fashion there’s also one for that, likewise Faith posts! This theme allows a more responsive mobile view hence tablet/phone users can also get the best format while reading.

I hope this encourages you to visit here more often and refer a friend!

Thanks for always stopping by!



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