Hello guys,

So I’ve been craving a lot lately, e.g Peppered snail, Efo-riro, Plantain porridge e.t.c but this week I’d be satisfying them day by day…Tonight I cooked Efo-riro and filmed the process for you awesome people! 3minutes short, please watch, enjoy and share.

Main Ingredients: Vegetable of choice, Palm oil, “Kpanla”, Chicken, stockfish, crayfish, dry fish, peppers, Shrimps, Seasoning(Curry, Thyme, stock cubes, salt, pepper).

KINDLY WATCH IN HD FOR PREMIUM QUALITY( Choose 1080HD on the settings tab at the base of the Video)

P.s. Hope you’re noticing my consistency in blogging……… ^.^ things I do to keep you entertained lol)



Got Questions, requests or suggestions? Kindly leave a comment below, I’d love to hear from you…

All personal images/Pictorials and videos are owned by (Water marked/not……Except otherwise stated) and they may NOT be used in any way without prior consent of the author, Legal actions would be taken.


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