It’s just Tuesday but this week has been good. Page views have been increasing and better response from readers via shares, tweets, emails and comments. I was featured yesterday on sheisoutofcontrol.com , a life style blog. The editor Ibukun Akinnawo, shared a post on her 6 favorite Nigerian blogs and I was listed. It felt good as I saw it shortly after waking up. It kickstarted my day. Here’s what she had to say.

“It’s always refreshing to see young Nigerians doing amazing things in the blogosphere. I know a ton of people who complain about how bloggers pretty much regurgitate gossip on their websites so I figured today I’d shine a light on those who consistently post interesting original content.
Consistent bloggers with an eye for quality will always have my heart and these are the first six that come to mind”

She listed 5 other bloggers, out of which I’m familiar with two: My girl Cassie who I love, and Dodos who is a makeup artist I recently discovered. The other 3 have lovely contents and I would frequent their blogs henceforth. The editor’s comment about my blog went thus:

“Tosin (Africanismcosmopolitan)
This girl says it how it is. Tosin’s faith in God is probably the thing I admire the most about her. Her flawlessly achieved winged eyeliner would be the second thing. She makes cooking look fun, makes easy-to-replicate makeup tutorials and shares other random but interesting stuff on her YouTube channel.
Favorite post: Logos corner V
Perfect for: people looking to grow their faith in God, makeup lovers, Nigerian cuisine lovers, beauty and style vloggers”

I’m always grateful about features like this, it makes everything worth it. I am passionate about the media and its influence, so in my own little way I try to generate positive content. It’s always nice to be recognised for something you love doing no matter the audience.

Greater heights by his grace.

I hope to meet more readers either virtually or in person soon!

Have a great day ahead!




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