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I always like to incorporate new oils or products into my overall health care regimen, and I just added four new oils to my skin and hair regimen. Thought to share with you!

1. PEPPERMINT OIL : peppermint is a cross between watermint and spearmint and is native to Europe. Historically, the herb has been known for its medicinal uses. This oil is great for hair care as it gives a cooling effect to the scalp. It helps in removing dandruff and lice. Peppermint oil has antiseptic, regenerative, and stimulating effects which improves blood circulation to scalp areas triggering/promoting  hair growth. It  also can relieve the scalp of irritation and dry skin. Based on my research, I find that it allows hair have a  shiny, fresh look.  Peppermint oil can be found in many hair products and alternative solutions for baldness, dandruff, and other hair-related conditions.  I bought mine from

my local beauty store for about £11.


2. BIO-OIL: The almighty scar/stretchmark/marks remover; so they say…..Well I bought the 125ML bottle a while back and I’ve been using it daily for about 15 days. I haven’t noticed any change except the breakouts on my cheeks(sighs), which I have decided to attribute to it. I haven’t changed anything in my skin routine besides using a pearl drop amount of bio oil on my face and legs daily. I would assume my skin is just adjusting to the change hence the tiny breakouts so I would continue use till next month. However Bio‑Oil is a specialist skin care oil that claims to improve the appearance of scars, stretch marks and uneven skin tone. It says it’s also effective for ageing and dehydrated skin. I’ve decided to use it for 90 days as that is the stipulated time to notice visible change/difference. Hopefully my skin likes it and we are all happy…bio-oil-125ml

3. PURE ORGANIC COCONUT OIL: Don’t you hate all those coconut oils sold in beauty stores that actually doesn’t smell like coconut…I’ve experienced that 3ce now. But finally I got my hands on some pure coconut oil all the way from Belize, a country in the carribeans. I have a friend from there-whose dad was coming into the country. I asked him for some and he brought me a huge bottle of pure coconut oil. I’ve been using it for 3 weeks and oh my! the difference is clear! it absorbs into the skin well, isn’t greasy and just conditions my hair well which is awesome as we’re getting into the colder months. coconut-oil1-1


4. EXTRA VIRGIN OLIVE OIL: It’s funny how throughout my natural hair journey, I really never implemented olive oil into my daily regimen, I’ve always known its benefits (It contains vitamins and nutrients that help make hair strands thicker, which gives the appearance of a fuller head of hair. Scalp treatments with the oil can be used to remove sebum buildup, which is sometimes responsible for slowed hair growth. It also conditions the hair and gives it a good sheen with consistent use) but I just never used it appropriately. Now I use it 2-3times a week to oil my scalp and also deep condition when necessary. I also learnt something called an oil rinse which is when you wash your hair with just oil and rinse out with cold water. Tried it and my hair loved it. article-2689405-1F921A0D00000578-953_306x758


So! what new oils have you been using? do let me know. I’m also curious about anyone who has used Bio-oil, please tell me your experience so I can compare my overall experience, I’d really appreciate your response.

Hope your week is going great, Have a great day ahead!

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Got Questions, requests or suggestions? Kindly leave a comment below, I’d love to hear from you.

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6 Comments on “SOME NEW OILS I’M USING!”

  1. Hi Tosin, You are simply amazing! I have also been using bio oil for a while now and its incomparable. i will try the other products you mentioned.

    Thanks a bunch

    • Oh wow! thank you for the compliment! But for the bio oil, did you break out? or you used it on the body not for the face…lol I’m curious, and yes the other oils are great! my current fav is that peppermint oil, the scalp sensation is gooood lol

    • aww thanks for the comment, I should have asked you before wasting my money on those old bottles, I’d check it out. Also yes, peppermint oil is good but do not use in excess, a little goes a long way. you can mix with a carrier oil likecoconut oil to avoid the possibility of irritations or headaches.

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