IMG_8530Hello! Welcome to another edition of ‘Tosin Tweets’ ! Thank you so much for the lovely comments, Retweets and Reposts on the last one, I am so glad that this new segment is being well recieved. Today’s Topic is Godly content. I already Shared this with some of my instagram  and twitter followers, But I would never leave my blog readers behind. So I decided to make this into a full blog post…. The first part was my I.G post whilst the Second part are excerpts from my Twitter time line. Do enjoy.


One of the best decisions I’ve made in my life is to equip myself with Godly content, it literally changed my life. I decided to rebrand my blog one year ago, to help young people understand that you can achieve above and beyond your imaginations with Christ as the centre. There’s a lot of garbage out there and I personally feel it’s you and I’s responsibility to fill our world with God’s light.

Sin often stems out of what we feed our minds upon…..I encourage you to surround yourself with spiritual content, it keeps the fire burning. If you can’t read books, read articles, blogs, watch sermons, programmes, listen to audio tapes e.t.c Ranging from life balance to personal development all centred around Christ.

There are a plethora of resources to help you. You can’t claim to want a close relationship with God if you aren’t thirsting for him in spirit, truth and actions. Invest in your inner man. The outward man perishes daily but the inner spirit is being renewed day by day 2corinthians 4:16.  Also, Faith comes by hearing and hearing of the word of God Romans 10:17.

If you are unsure about what Godly content is read Philippians 4:8. May God who has called us all to his eternal glory perfect, strengthen and establish us. 1peter 5:10 Amen💜


“One of the best decisions I’ve made in my life is to equip myself with Godly content. This one move changed my life”

“I’m never idle, idleness is the devil’s workshop.The moment I sense a foul spirit lurking I either sleep or feed my self with God’s word.”

“I may not even necessarily read my bible, I’m an audio-Visual person. I listen to tapes, sermons, Christian concerts and even movies.”

“If I feel the need to read my bible and my eyes are tired I simple use my audio bible, you can get free access on

“Little changes like this redefine the way you think & your life choices generally. You are more alert, you make wiser and Godly decisions.”

“Another important life change is the amount of time spent chatting/catching up/engaging with friends. Know your friends & relate accordingly!”

“I know quite a number of people, and I know the relationship I have with each one. I am also well aware of who I should spend my time with.”

“Some encourage me to discuss other people A.K.A Gossip, while some always leave me motivated, edified and focused to say the least.”

“I realised this late last year and I instantly made amends. I call some weekly and some once a month, hi-hello and it ends there.”

“Now this is not me thinking highly of myself, it’s just applying wisdom. Especially as a growing Christian, who knows her weaknesses.”

“We are basically a product of what we feed our minds upon. As cliche as it seems, it’s the bare truth.”

“You invest in your inner man so as to keep the fire burning. You need to stay alert and be constantly filled with Holy Ghost everyday!”

“It’s not a Sunday ritual where you play worship songs before church to “activate” the spirit. You have to be permanently logged in.”

“A second of being idle or ‘offline’ is enough for the enemy to creep in. Stay alert.”

“That is when temptation, lust, and all sin begin to manifest…. In that moment of relapse/idleness.”

“Keep your self spiritually alive. Listen to sermons, buy books, read articles, have accountability partners(if need be), its about your soul!”

“Godly content: Philippians 4:8. It’s your responsibility to fill your mind with the right content. As a man thinketh so he is”

“There’s so much garbage out there, as Christians you need to do your part in creating/sharing edifying content. Someone always needs Jesus.”

“Its not even that deep, it may be as simple as your Twitter time line or other social media networks.”

“Personally I unfollowed everyone who tweets mundane things. I love you but I won’t let you corrupt me. You don’t know what my struggles are.”

“I also do not appreciate people who may not necessarily generate these things but are comfortable Sharing it.”

“It’s not self righteousness it’s just wisdom and the understanding that on the last day I’m accountable for every word, thought and deed.”

“My people perish for lack of understanding. It may seem like harmless bants but don’t wait till hades to realise it’s not so.”

“I wish us all discretion, peace and the gift of the Holy Spirit who teaches all things in Jesus name.”

“Goodnight, Tomorrow is a very great day!”

The end……

Hope you enjoyed!

P.s. Today is a great day because my Parents are in town, Its been so long I saw them and I can’t wait to spend the entire week with them, Hopefully they’d appear on the blog if they are comfortable with it lol… 

Have a wonderful week ahead.



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