Hello all,

This video is about the Pros and cons I’ve experienced being a natural for the past year and half, and also a few points to consider before cutting your hair /embarking on the “natural” hair journey..

WATCH IN HD FOR PREMIUM QUALITY( Choose 720/1080hd from the settings tab at the base of the video)

Got questions, requests or suggestions? Kindly leave a comment below.

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  1. True words my dear. People go into stuff for the wrong reasons. Some people expect results that others have had, forgetting we are very unique and things would work for us differently. That’s why we are individuals, individual results. Thanks dear,…I wish that Tolani the YouTuber would watch this, By the way I saw your comment on her Video,….lol
    Thanx love, I miss you,..come bak to me soon, muah

  2. Im a big fan of urs girl .. your hair looks amazing, you have done well. im really looking forward to the logos corner too!! 😀

  3. Thanks for this truthful post. Nowadays people make being natural a ticket to heaven. I’m on low cut which i did on impulse but i’m loving it. I have my bad hair days but my present hairstyle has made me self confident because it is just HAIR.. I tell people to think about it carefully before going natural.

  4. tosin i just love your hairline…had to cut my bra length relaxed hair recently cos of my edges and its really sad and painful 😦

    • Aww baby, wow I’m so sorry, hmm my hairline get a it be oo, thank God for Kajal and edge control that creates an illusion of fullness, but don’t worry I know you have long hair, it will grow back with speed! Lots of huggs 💜💜💜💜


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