The word of God is a bank where all secrets and treasures are stored. Those who can dig into it, find it and apply it are bound to live excellently while on earth”.

Logos corner is a new segment where the word of God is discussed, lessons, keys or admonitions are posted (Based on findings whilst studying the word). There would be guest bloggers/preachers/teachers/individuals who will anchor each topic or findings. Every one is free to comment below each post to educate, enlighten or give suggestions as regards the topic of the day. I understand the value of the word of God and I want everyone to be a partaker of its goodness. We get to edify our spirits and each other through this platform and it keeps us accountable.

II Timothy 3: 16 says “All scripture is given by inspiration of God, and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for correction, for instruction in righteousness”

However its the Holy Spirit who illuminates particular Scriptures for application in our daily walk with God.  Studying the word of God for daily reading is ‘Logos’, While the insight gotten from it to a particular circumstance is ‘Rhema’, i.e the revelation of the word. I also struggle to study my bible sometimes, but consistently meditating on it amazingly changes your life. Once you begin to spend time in it, you know God more and your faith grows stronger. The word of God is a shield, equips you for every situation/battle, and directs your path amongst other benefits. The word of God is God (John 1.1).  I hope we all get on board and make the best out of each teaching, all to the glory of the lord.


Today I read Proverbs chapter 3, which has 35 verses, filled with instructions, promises and keys to Longevity & Success. I took notes on 10 key points, and I would like to share it with you.

1. Keep God’s commandments in your heart and live by it.

Promise: You will live long and have peace of Mind.

2. Love consistently and remain faithful in your service.

Promise: You will find Favour and Good Success in the eyes of men and God.

3. Trust God completely in all situations and do not lean on your intellect in anything you do.

Promise: He will keep you on track and make your path straight.

4. Fear the Lord and walk uprightly with integrity. Do not do evil or be wise in your own eyes.

Promise: You shall not be sick; you will be healthy in your bones and flesh.

5. Honour God with your finances and tithe diligently.

Promise: You shall never lack, you will have excess to give, save and splurge.

6. Do not get upset when God corrects you, always be patient. He corrects because he loves you.

7. Find Skill-ful and Godly wisdom(from the word of God and life experiences), it is incomparable, far better than gold or any jewel.

Promise: You will have peace and long life. Men will call you blessed. You will be enviable, wealthy, honoured and fortunate.

8.  Always do good when in the capacity to do so. Give when you have and never withhold good from those who rightfully deserve it.

9.  Avoid malice and do not contend(rival/oppose) any one who has done you no wrong. Do not devise evil against anyone as well.

10. Do not envy those who do evil or are violent in nature. Don’t try to emulate their lifestyle. Rather be humble and walk with the wise and not with the scornful or arrogant.

Promise: You will find blessings, favour, grace and Joy in all your endeavours.


Sure you all are doing well, Have a blessed weekend ahead

Thank you for reading, speak soon….

Got questions, requests or suggestions? Kindly leave a comment below. 

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P.s. The proposed date for ‘Logos corner’ is every Friday night, please let me know if you have any suggestions as regards this. (convenience, availability, timing or anything not mentioned).



5 Comments on “LOGOS”

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  2. God bless you Tosin…Indeed I received “Rhema” as I read through the “Logos” you have put here for us.
    God bless you hun….we wanna see more and be enriched more.


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