Here are just some tips that helps me shop effectively and wisely. (video)

Topics covered:

-Budget, sizing, online shopping, websites, fittings, splurging, staples etc.

WATCH IN HD FOR PREMIUM QUALITY (click on the settings tab at the base of the video and choose 720hd/1080hd)

Thanks for watching….

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  1. Very useful! I recently started building an investment wardrobe because I realised I’m the kind of person to have all patterned trousers with no plain shirts. I definitely need to invest in a blazer and a pair of black mid-heel sandals asap.

  2. Hi tosin. Just wanted to say i think you’re a really great person. This is random but im drawn to your videos and posts and im not even a ‘shopping, makeup’ kinda girl. I guess its because you appear to be kind and down to earth. Plus all and i Mean ALL your posts help me in one way or the other (its not easy to be twenty something in this day and age, life is COMPLEX lol) keep being you and an inspiration! (I probably should have just sent an e-mail, hehe oh well) peace!

  3. we should! whenever we’re in the same place, Nigeria or England, we should meet up (hint hint, meet & greet lol). Till then ill keep passing by your blog, taking notes. hehe, toodles!

  4. When i first came in to the UK, i fell into the buying all the time trap and wasted a lot of money.. I have since learnt my lessons. You made valid points. i think we should also consider if we really need the things we want to buy; what the purpose of buying is. Giving yourself treats is not a bad idea oo… but in my opinion (it is good occasionally), necessity is very important. Well done!

    • You are very correct , buying everything every time is not the most beneficial, to an extent it blindsides us to the most important things in life, as we are easily sold into vanity. I appreciate your comment a lot. Thank you Seyi.

  5. Hey dear…this is very true and useful…You should also check out topcashback, you get a particular cash back from the merchant you purchase from or you get the discount in vouchers. Would explain to you further when we meet up or something, but you can join via my referral link…hehe you’d be adding up an extra cash back for me for referring.. Link below

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