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I’ve been tagged by fellow bloggers (Hannah Lawani, Maggielola, Cassiedaves, Cynthia amande etc ) to do this post  since forever but I’m just getting around it.  I’m currently experiencing the busiest time of my life so far (Academic essays, proposal for dissertation, business etc) but God is in control!

I’m sure you all are great!  I’d cut to the chase and make it as brief and informative as possible!

1. My laughter is piercing: Anytime I laugh in a public place its so embarrassing, I have the highest pitched laughter ever, lool and I laugh a lot, so I always hear ‘ahh Tosin!” from people when I laugh hehehe.

2. I do not wear clothes behind closed doors: I do not intend to make you start visualising lol, but I really don’t like clothes, when I’m home I’m 90% of the time naked, and the other 10% in a bunny costume bath robe. Whenever my friends call me on FaceTime or Skype I always say “hold on a second let me get something to wear”, Infact they are tired of me!

3. I can’t stand Noodles: I think I have mentioned this before in a previous post from a couple of years back, but damn I need to re-emphasise this fact! I cannot stand the smell, the look, let alone the taste. This has been a ‘no-no’ for me since I was a child. Everyone in my house eats it, except me, and it doesn’t stop with noodles, even pasta, macaroni, spaghetti, and rice noodles. Anything of that nature, take it faaaaaar away from me.

4. I am very emotional(In a good way lol): In as much as I consider myself a strong and highly opinionated lady, I’m a softie at heart. Movies make me cry, good words make me teary eyed. But maybe there’s just plenty water in my eye lool. But sincerely I’m very emosh.

5. I can’t sing: I often make jokes about how I can’t even sing the national anthem properly, but truthfuly I can’t sing (even though I sing a lot in my privacy). I often tell myself that God knew what he was doing, by giving me a good talking voice and not singing, because he knows how much I adore good vocals/music, my pride would have ‘skyrocketed’ lol.

6. I do well keeping a safe distance: I’ve developed over time the habit of excusing myself from unpleasant situations with people. I hardly get upset or angry, but when I do, I do my best to eliminate any possibilities of its reoccurrence . I’m praying to God to help me be less extreme. Its either we are good or we are not with me. I don’t know how to keep a truce. I simply keep a safe distance.

7. I don’t like to text: I know this may sound weird, but I get slightly irritated when people text me, especially if its not to give relevant information. I just don’t like to text. emails are the way to my heart. then maybe calls ^.^

8. I work well under pressure: I’m the type to push work till 3days before due date, just to be busy all through. I love being busy. Even when I’m not working or doing course works, I always find something to do. Also I feel it’s because I do quite well alone so I have many hobbies! I’m hardly bored.

9. I’m extremely positive almost to the point of delusion: I’m not sure if this is a good behaviour or not, but I’m the least realistic person. I live in a fantasy world. I believe everything works for my good, and even when not too pleasing things happen, I feel they happened for a greater purpose.

10. I love pap, yes OGI! : My lord! pap is my therapy, some years back when I used to fall ill every other month(Thank God for healing), my quick fix was pap! I would whine and whine till my mum made me some with lots of sugar. she makes the best seedless paps ever lol.  huh! I’m even craving presently! please if anyone reading this is coming to the U.K soon kindly buy me some! I’d give you a huge kiss!

****So tell me! which of them did you find interesting, surprising or you could totally relate to? I would love to hear your thoughts !

Got questions, requests or suggestions? Kindly leave a comment below.

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16 Comments on “TAGGED! 10 THINGS”

  1. 1) Eww ogi!!! I hate ogi.
    2) You hate noodles?! I can’t believe you!
    3) I hear you on number 6. All I can say is “Lord help us.” Lol 😀

    Again, ewwww to ogi. Arghh I hate it!

  2. We should totally be friends. Lol

    3) Hate noodles too but like other pasta.
    4) Yeah that’s me right there.
    9) IKR! I’m the most positive person ever! I don’t condone negativity in any way. My mindset’s wired to positivity almost to the point to delusion too.

    Enjoyed this 🙂



  4. Gud ones tho….(7) no wonder u dont reply my texts, i know u r very emotional, i know u cant sing ………hmmmmmnn……know all of these r (true).whhoooohh!!!! i love OGI.

  5. Oh no. 1, my laughter gets embarrassing most times, I can so relate with you on that. However, I have not modified the laughter even with the ’embarrassing’ tag to it. Life is too short to be modifying laughter jor. lol.
    Ah no. 4, Smh for myself, just yesterday I was watching a Nigerian movie [Unconditional]. The tears started rolling at the end of the movie. Sometimes, I feel there are ‘natural onions’ in my eyes. I’m too emosh, it’s unbelievable!
    Nice post, got to know you better. And congrats on your PhotoNimi win!

  6. 1) I hate pap!!!! I only take it when i’m ill.
    2) my laughter is amazing and infectious (or so i like to think), when i laugh, i laugh hard!!
    3) I cry at the end of movies!! even if i watch it a million times, i still cry.
    the texting part is the only part that surprised me since our generation is huge on text..

  7. Pressure.

    My situation is critical. Its almost like I only do stuff when i am under pessure and it still surprises me how well i can perform in that state. I love being busy too, but if the environment or siuation is in a relaxed state, so will I.

  8. LOL!! OMG. I always knew I could relate to you but not as much as this post revealed. Only nos 3 and 10 were the complete opposite for me lol. What ogi is for you, noodles is for me! It is my therapy! I used to be very sickly as a kid as well and noodles was the ONLY thing my mum could give me cos I’d refuse and even throw up anything else. Lol. Now pap, I am extremely indifferent to. Almost on the dislike end of the scale tho lol. I just cannot deal with the smell. And yes, I am so bad with planning that I literally operate under pressure. I am trying to change that tho cos it drives my hubby up the wall cos he’s an obsessive planner lol. But I just work faster, better and clearer under that last minute-ish pressure. Loved this post! 🙂

  9. Hello Tosin. I can relate so well to the emotional part, my love of not wearing clothes behind closed doors.

    p.s: I am a first time “commenter”. please visit www. girlane.com. Thanks

  10. Hi Tosin. I can relate with the emotional tag and not liking to wear clothes behind closed doors. I watched your vlog on budgeting, shopping and splurging. Apart from ASOS, can you recommend any other fashion website that ships to Nigeria?

    P.S: I am a first time commenter. Please visit http://www.girlane.com. Thanks

    • Hello thanks for your comment, highly appreciated. Well I think river island does can’t really think of any right now, but they all charge quite a sum. Asos is the only one which carries most brands and does worldwide shipping. However there are many courier services you can use e.g Jand2Gidi they shop for you as get it to Nigeria in a few days .

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