Hello all,

I realised  that a lot of us are quite oblivious to the implications of the lies we tell, either petty or grave. This video expatiates the topic.

KINDLY WATCH IN HD FOR PREMIUM QUALITY (click the settings bar at the base of the video and watch in 720/1080HD)






11 Comments on “GRAVITY OF LIES”


  2. Thank youuu for this video. I keep to the wrd of God and still find it difficult to keep this one. I don’t tell good ones that wld get me money or cover up for serious things, just stupid little senseless porkies. Like why didn’t you pick ur phone? I was asleep: lie.
    I’ve started thinking what’s the worst that cld happen. They’re not God why shld I sin to make others feel gd abt themselves or to wallow in 2mins of fame?
    There’s no reason for it. How do I justify myself on judgment day. A lie is a lie, white, grey black, they’re all the same.
    Lord have mercy.

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