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I’ve gotten several questions about where I like to shop online (without breaking my bank), and recently an email from a subscriber asking me to do a post on that, so here……..

NOTE: all of the stores are UK ONLINE STORES, But they deliver internationally, I’d do a post on online shops in Nigeria as soon as I begin to use them, as I’ve only shopped on Konga, Jumia and TNL, So I can’t do a detailed post on online stores in Nigeria, but I tag SAYEDERO of FashionEngineer to do this post, as she may be more familiar with them.

Tip: Regardless of the store or how gorgeous a dress looks online, always check the info bar to know the materials in which the dress is made up of. Its best to familiarise yourself with fabrics and their names, because pictures sometimes are not enough to judge fit. I personally buy dresses with polyester, Elastane, cotton etc.. The reason is because these fabrics allows my dresses to fit like a glove, and hug my curves right without appearing tight or revealing unnecessary contours. 

 You may be familiar with some of these stores already or maybe not(Click store names to visit site)

1. ASOS : The reason this online store is my number 1 is because of prompt delivery, variety of designers, and the ease of navigation on the website. I like the fact that I can streamline my search to the teeth, starting from the colour, price, designer and the length of the dress. they also ship free worldwide as I assume you already know.

2.AQAQ : This store is amazing, its formally known as aqua by aqua, anytime I want a statement piece I go to this store, its quite pricy in comparison to the regular high street brands, but they sell quality and style. The dresses and clothes are unique, you hardly find 3 of the same outfit on the website. If you are looking for clothes that are different in design definitely visit this store. Free shipping on orders over £100

3.ROSEWHOLESALE: I just encountered this store recently and I must say the prices are mind-blowing, Its a chinese store but delivers worldwide at a rate, they sell fashion items from clothes, to shoes, jewellery etc.. They also do lots of sales on the already ridiculously cheap items. My only concern with the store is the notion on things from China i.e they don’t last, Buy hey, you get the quality of the price you are willing to pay for.

4. AXPARIS: Firstly they are currently on sale, and I must say everything is a steal for the quality, I love love love this store, they sell everything! but they only do free shipping in Uk for orders over £65 and I love a bargain, so I only shop here when i’m willing to splurge

5. MISSGUIDED: They have variety and that I also love, they sell nice clothes especially for the “partying population”, If you want dresses that flatter your assets, from jumpsuits to gowns to tops they have all sorts here…

6. BOOHOO: These people are just awesome, I have a couple of dresses I bought from this website and I must say they are showstoppers, plus I didn’t spend up to £30 on each, they sell dresses that I can wear to church and that makes me so happy, I love bodycon dresses because thats what fits my body the most and this store just brings it steady. Simple solid colour dresses that are very much appropriate with great price, what else??

7. ZARA: I certainly can’t miss out on Zara, I stalk their website literally for pieces, I don’t buy dresses from Zara personally because  i just don’t just like the styles or comfort they give, but when it comes to structured pieces, all hail ZARA, especially their blazers, shirts or office wear in general ,they don’t catch lint, it just stays looking dapper. And as I don’t really own a casual wardrobe, Zara works perfectly for me. They also deliver Internationally.

8. EVERYTHINGFIVEPOUNDS: They sell amazing clutch purses for £5 ONLY!!! Can you believe? they rock! I’ve bought clutch purses twice from them and they are of awesome quality. They also sell clothes and other things, but to me they look like “KPANTI”(cheap quality). They ship worldwide but I don’t know the international rates, the rates for uk are quite ok, but I don’t  mind paying extra for shipping, since its already a bargain.

9. EBAY: I know this is quite unexpected, but you find the weirdest things on ebay, and thats good, sometimes if you’re looking for a particular item, and its just the best bet, not just fashion related items, but everything in General!

10. SELFRIDGES: Now the major reason I added this store to the list is for those who may like luxury brands e.g Givenchy, Prada,Mulberry, YSL etc, and are a bit weary about fakes, Selfridges retails a variety of brands, and you’re quite sure of the authenticity, also they deliver internationally.

I really hope this list helps when next you’re shopping online..



Got requests, comments or Questions? Kindly leave a comment below.

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9 Comments on “MY TOP 10 ONLINE STORES”

  1. I’m on the hunt for the perfect pair of knee high boots so this is quite handy. 🙂 #whatchuknowaboutonlineshopping #allhaillynnjaphet #throwsconfetti



  4. Hi,ur post came highly needed as I love online buying,however I wanted to ask if you reside in Nigeria or UK cuz I tried ordering from AX paris last night but dey said dey can’t deliver to my address,Nigeria,I don’t think Selfridges delivers to Nigeria also,iv ordered from boohoo once but it was cancelled and my money held up for a while cut I don’t think dey also deliver to Nigeria,if u can do a post on stores that ship to Nigeria,day would be a God sent,tnx dear

    • Hello thank you for your comment, I live in the UK and I stated it in the post, however for Nigerian online shops I know just a few I.e cetteonline , fashpa,TNL however I’d do the research and try to do a post. Thank you so much for stopping by .

  5. Yaaaaay!I just checked selfridges and I see dey now deliver to Nigeria,I wish AX does too cuz I love me some dresses up in der…bless you

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