Hi there!
Today was a lovely day and my favourite day of the week “Sunday” , The weather was better than I expected… Although it was a bit chilly It was quite sunny.
I don’t walk to church because I get picked up and dropped off so I can wear anything I want regardless of the weather since I’m basically going from a room to another. I opted for my usual black and white ensemble,

but with a pop of red.
I felt I looked a bit vintage, like back in the 40’s , and all that was missing was a Red Cadillac , a chauffeur and leather gloves lol

Outfit details:
fur inspired top :forever 21
Skirt: asos
Shoes: new look
Belt: Topshop
Suede purse: Fendi
Photo credits: Vanessa Archinald.







Also I met this lady at church, and she had the most unusual hair style, I went to talk to her and she told me her name was was Esther justice, adding that she was an artist, so the hairstyle was her stage look. She had on rubber thread in the longest length I’ve ever seen, I had to take a picture!!



She was such a pleasant lady! I’d definitely check up her music…

Sure you all are well, I’ve really been busy with work so that explains my constant hiatus , but I promise to makeup for it as soon as I can.

have a blessed week ahead

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