Hello there !
A lot of people that follow me on Instagram have been asking if I relaxed my hair , purely because I’ve been wearing my hair straight of late, (or when I wear wigs, it appears to be bone straight), the truth is I haven’t.

My hair has been in 6 big braids for a month plus now, I haven’t had time to style or wear it out in its natural state, plus the weather here is quite horrid for my locks, so protective styling is the best option!

Anyway, the buzz about Jamaican black castor oil/any castor oil for that matter, has been for as long as I can remember, (it’s great for growing longer and softer hair, also great for sealing ends and restoring edges, use google for more details ^.^). When I started this natural hair journey I couldn’t get my hands on JBCO back in Nigeria, either because it was overpriced or very scarce.

Also For a few months now I’ve been experiencing breakage in my hair, so retaining length has been a hassle, but I’m certain most of it was my fault, because I’ve been very non chalant about it, I hardly deep condition or moisturise as I should.

But to cut the long story short I bought JBCO and coconut oil some weeks back, And how I got it was quite interesting because I live in a city where I can count the blacks/ppl of African descent on my fingers, so when I stumbled upon an African Caribbean hair and beauty shop it was like haven, I was just so happy lol they had everything from Darling Yaki to Shea butter to Remy weave, It was ecstatic.



I got the JBCO for about £10, and the coconut oil for £4.

I decided to embark on a 3-6months hair and length Retention journey. I started a week ago, I have pictures below to see my length check after washing and oiling my entire head.(day 1 of challenge)
Personally, I feel setting goals helps me achieve them more effectively.

(Notice the intense shrinkage post wash on the braids—-natural hair woes)

I hope I achieve my goals, and if you’d like to embark on this journey with me, simply send me a picture of your current natural hair length, your realistic goals, and the oils you’d be using, I’d put a post up on everyone on the journey with me, then 3-6months after we would do a collective before and after !! ^.^ MANY HEADS ARE BETTER THAN ONE lol (no pun intended)
Here is a chart I use to keep track of my progress, you can make yours too!

P.S I’m now 1year natural!!!
Bigchop: October 6th 2012 and to be fair I’m impressed with the growth!
*now singing* started from the bottom now we’re here!! ^.^

Send emails to:

Anticipating your replies!


    • Thanks dear, I understand your fears, my advice is this; If you aren’t comfortable with cutting it, please don’t.

      Wait till the under growths are at a manageable stage, then you can slowly trim the relaxed ends of the natural hair, till its all gone.

  1. Hey,
    Did the big chop a few months back after transitioning for a while. It’s really nice seeing fellow African ladies going natural. I believe black hair is beautiful, unfortunately it hasn’t gotten the attention it deserves. Great blog hope to see more posts.

    BTW I’m locking my hair in a few weeks so I guess our hair journeys diverge from here.

    • Hi, I’m glad you messaged, there are two basic ways you can use it.

      -apply directly to your scalp, edges, hair tips and all around the hair .

      – put really hot water in a bowl and place the JBCO bottle in the water to heat it up. When warm or heated enough, apply this as a hot oil treatment on your scalp, edges, tips and all around hair . Do not microwave the bottle!! Or oil directly, this can burn your scalp or hair follicle.

      Hope this helped 🙂

  2. Wow! You are very detailed in your regimen *still staring at your chart* lol. Length seems elusive to my hair right now. Maybe if I employ the chart tactics my breakage will reduce??? Your makeup is on point btw. Lol 😛

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