Hello ladies,
Often times I’ve been at the salon and I’ve overheard women complaining about how they can’t do a particular hair style because they have a round face etc And I just stay mute but deep down I’m just shaking my head lol
Because to be honest you can rock any style as long as its well cut
Anyway I have a round and Long face, lol I don’t know how else to explain it, but over the years I’ve discovered styles for my face structure that also accentuates my features…

—- I’ve compiled a list, with pictures of famous people rocking them and also yours truly with a round face ^.^ (I had to dig through my archives for the pictures)
1.Side fringe with layers: This hair style takes you from ordinary to Glam instantly, its very regal when done by a good stylist, with layers meeting your 3 focal points brows, cheeks and jaw…..


2.Braids: personally I feel braids fits everyone, especially when styled properly, but I do braids like once a year just because I don’t have the time to sit for long hours.


3. Short bob with waves/curls: The reason I specified wit curls is because, straight short bob on round faces makes you appear like you have an helmet on, (my opinion) so with the curls it appears softer against your face.


4.Bohemian/ very curly hair : This personally is my favourite I wear this look all the time, the spring curls on the bohemian actually flatters round faces, especially when it falls to your face, and length just at the mid-neck region, either as a side/fringe or centre part .


5.Long and Full fringe: This allows focus on your eyes and chin, a full fringe when well done hides a lot, e.g breakouts on the fore head and un-groomed brows. Now adays the fringe can even be scanty as long as its well cut. For my face shape i ensure the hairdresser cuts it directly below my brows, not longer or shorter.


6- short cut: as seen popularly on Rihanna, kris jenner, kelis and fantasia., what would make this hair style work for you are the bangs in the front and well cut sides, and the mini hump created at the back to give an illusion of a protruding back .



General tips:
-ensure layers are present in long weaves
-when doing styles like ghana weaving all back, ensure your brows are well carved(this can make all the difference)
-avoid hair styles that would make your face appear like a perfect sphere.

Shout out to all the round faced beauties out there lol, I hope This helped.

p.s As you all know I don’t know how to pose, so pardon the pictures!



  1. What is d best human hair weave to use in making a full fringe and how many packs would be needed, then what weave too would b best for d front fringe part and its lenght…

    • Last time I checked Passion/Remy/supreme/chocolate would do. 2 full packs. For the front part any of the above would do also but in 8inches. The back part is whatever length you want. I.e 3packs in all

  2. Pls i like the hair you use for that kelly rowland style. What is it called and where can i get it. Thanks

    • Hello , it’s called bohemian curls from the pro10 line, I used 3packs. You can buy it at any beauty store. Otherwise buy outrĂ© bohemian (2 packs). I bought mine a long time ago at Ajah market, in Lagos Nigeria. Hope that helped .

  3. thanx,pls i have a round small face,dnt knw d weavon to fix,,,(i lov long weavon)pls tel me…also i want to knw if jennifer lopez style wil suit me… pls reply

  4. Tosin do you remember ‘collabo’ from back in school? The one everyone flooded to Stainless to make? Do you think it would suit a round (now chubbier) face? I made it back then too but my cheeks weren’t quite as…rosy.

  5. I love all your hairstyles plz what salon do you make your hair and what there price range.If its around ajah ll be cool

  6. I want to fix a curly hair…and my face is very round and I want to fix a side parting, BT dont knw d particular style..if I should do gel..or invisible parting jst confuse.

  7. I have a round face. I bought unique weavon but I don’t know the style to fix. Please I need your help.

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