Hi guys,
This is a quick post on the primer I use which allows my makeup stay flawless for at Least 5hours, no oil whatsoever.
Some of you may have heard of phillips Milk of magnesia it’s a laxative and antacid for gastric problems similar to the Nigerian MistMag, but someone somewhere discovered it could also serve as a primer 😀
************************************************** I heard of it about 3years ago and I thought “oh wonderful” but sadly the few times I used it back then I really didn’t see much difference instead my makeup would sort of crack over my face(horrid!) because I was mis-informed, apparently the key was “right application” ! Fast forward 2013 I use it every other day and it works!

#The specific brand I heard of was Phillips, so I bought Phillips at the pharmacy(N1,400) I advise you do the same and not experiment/substitute or buy the flavoured ones. Kindly buy the original.

STEP 1: on freshly washed face, apply your moisturiser as usual.

2. Pour some MOM into the small cap that comes with it, or just dip your finger in the bottle.

3. Ensure you take very little, DO NOT BE GENEROUS With it, take so little that it doesn’t even drip off your finger.

4. Apply on your T-zone area or major areas that often produce oil on your face, nose,chin, cheeks and above the brows.

KEY NOTE: ENSURE IT LEAVES NO WHITE CAST! Let the skin totally absorb it, if done properly there’ll be no white casts or residue or the need to let it air dry, (since so little it would have dried as soon as it was applied)

******At this point your face should feel very dry.

5. Apply your foundation and the rest of your makeup as usual….and notice the results during the course of the day.

Note: IT DOES NOT CONTROL SWEAT ONLY OIL. So you will still sweat under heat/stress as usual, but dabbing your handkerchief or tissue will solve that without creating a mess.

Hope that helped!
Please Let me know if you’ve tried it or any other information about Phillips Milk of magnesia.
Have a great day ahead!


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