Hi there!
Today was such a busy day for me, (actually my whole week), but hopefully next week would be better, today I attended the souk organised by the water brook church(another branch of this present house) , anyway it was quite a different church event,
#A souk is a market place, a street market or a bazaar…… it was sales, fashion, live music, runway and networking, it held at the Oriental hotel.

I invited my friend SayederoEnytan of the fashion engineer and cynthia amande of cre8tiv phenom blog to come along, and we had a good time, I took some pictures with my phone….
I wore a dress I got as a gift on my last birthday, it’s a black and white dress with faux leather, I had worn it once to a wedding with heels but I decided to wear with flats today because i knew i’d be doing a lot of walking around (best decision, I was super comfortable) Dero wore a graphic tank top, stripped pants and heels……20130817-214944.jpg20130817-214807.jpg

Also I met Adebayo Oke -lawal of orange culture, he’s so nice!! We had quite a chat!20130817-215517.jpg
There were lots of amazing things to buy, and most of them were indigenous, from dresses to iPhone packs and shoes etc20130817-220004.jpg20130817-215933.jpg20130817-215951.jpg20130817-220019.jpg

There was also this powerful poet by the name Donna(picture below), I’ll look for the lyrics of the poem and post it up later, also I filmed a video of the poem recital would also try to put that up in the next post…

Then meet Temitope a fellow natural but she’s blonde !! Her hair was so lovely I had to take her a picture!20130817-221143.jpg
at the end of the day it was a great event , great networking and we had good clean fun!

More pictures

Sure your weekend was lovely aswell!

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