Hello people!
Been a while, I apologise for my inconsistency…. funny how I have like 4 posts pending, but I’ve been having internet issues lately(I had to post this like 3times before it uploaded), hence the delay…….but no worries would fix that soon!
Church was two days back and It was really good, I got to take lots of pictures , (well on the street) lol , if you notice the blocks and untarred road, but funny how I like the scenery, so I didn’t feel the need to edit or crop anything out….

…I decided to go for a retro look to go with my puffy hair and Red lip(thanks to MAC Ruby woo), … I went to my treasure chest(mum’s closet) lol.

I feel I’m so lucky to have a mum who’s clothes can fit me, ok maybe just her tops and shirts, but it works! And she also has a great taste……..more pictures and details of what I wore :

Top: mum’s closet
Ankle strapped Shoes: Aldo
Purse: Kdk
Mid rib belt: D.I.Y ( old bag lash)
And yes my hair is Jet black now!(Would discuss that soon) And I’m loving it!!!

Anyway hope your weekend was awesome! Have a great week ahead

7 Comments on “ALMOST RETRO!”

  1. Hiya, did u dye your hair and what dye did u use? Have a dirty brown looking mini fro and its honestly not cute.

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