Hello people,
Missed blogging so much! I’ve been getting so many tweets and messages from readers about my fore warned hiatus…..
But anyway i’m partially back! amidst work, and all other forms of distractions I finally took out time to blog tonight!
So would upload 3posts

sitting in my drafts all at once! To make up for my absence ….please ensure to drop comments 😀
So 3weeks back I attended a Wedding and I for some reason decided to ditch the regular dress and stiletto look, i’m now a lady, gats represent lol so I went African all the way!! From the head tie to a wrapper! plus I have never done a post on traditional attires before, so this would be the first of many….
Here’s what I wore
Lace top lined with taffeta material- Lagos island market
Velvet wrapper (formally and locally called akpoche)-Lagos island market
Silver gele(damask)(mum’s)
Silver clutch purse(mums)

I also took pictures of the hall where the wedding took place, it was a lovely lovely lovely event!





It was a great wedding! And I got lots of compliments 😀

Would put up a post and video on how to tie a gele later 😀

P.s the gele and velvet look is trending



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