For the last few days I’ve been in and out of work. Not really because I was entirely slothful but because I wasn’t well organised and fell a little bit ill. I came down with something last weekend and it almost sent me to the hospital, but thank God for today. I am stronger and better ^.^.

To the former factor of me not being as organised, it was entirely my fault. I am someone who works on to-do lists and plans tasks to the detail. Impromptu doesn’t work for me. At the beginning of each week I write out all I need to do and set reminders. I like to consider myself a fairly busy person. I currently run about 3 different ventures hence, I do a lot of mental work for totally unrelated businesses which could be quite demanding.

When I was analysing my productivity for last week it was beyond average. Amidst the fuel scarcity, lack of electricity and my personal inadequacy I didn’t achieve as much as I would have loved to. I was basically running behind schedule in replying emails, running errands and taking care of my self.

This new week I set out goals to get back on track. I thought to myself, what did I do in the past that helped me achieve the maximum potential of my time. I then came up with some Pointers which I thought to share.

1.WAKEUP EARLY! Sleep is great but can be the ultimate enemy. It’s been raining heavily lately, and you know how sleep and rain are a match made in heaven. I realised that waking up at least an hour before my usual time helps me to get through the day more efficiently. I wake up early and do my morning rituals (i.e my devotion, check emails, tidy my bed, take a shower, iron my clothes and pack up my bag for the day). For now I don’t have a job that requires me to be at the office by 8’0 clock hence it has encouraged me to drag my feet,the office is a 15mins drive from the house so you can imagine the bliss. However, I know from experience that one must be faithful and excellent in all endeavours regardless of how comfortable. Waking up early is one thing I feel can totally orchestrate the order of your day. It allows the day to go un-rushed thereby getting things done efficiently.

2. EAT RIGHT no matter how much of a James Bond you think you are, nature must take its course. Part of the reasons for my breakdown last week was because I wasn’t eating well. I eat out a lot! I can count on one hand how many times I’ve cooked since I came back to Nigeria(5months +). I used to be a health junkie, smoothies, lots of water and small but adequate portions of food. That kept me fit, alert, energised and ready for each day. But lately I get so occupied that I eat once a day, but that meal would be mighty. Surprisingly I have not added or lost weight significantly regardless of this diet change. Instead it breeds problems like fatigue, stress and less mental work. Everything would feel like a chore because there’s no fuel to keep you going. See nutrients as fuel.

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