Hi there! Been a while *dusts off the cobweb from the fashion category of the blog* LOL. It’s been while since I did an OOTD……. Today, I’m wearing a tailor-made dress. I bought this Ankara fabric for N1500 only, All 6 yards, Can you believe that! I still have more material for a top. I […]

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Happy Sunday,

Hope your weekend was great! Mine was BUSY. I really didn’t get any time to rest. I was just up and down lol. I missed so many engagements that I already planned to attend. But oh well…..

Today was church and it was awesome! The sermon was about giving and tithing, I would actually do a LOGOS on that soon.

I received an invite for a fashion show hosted by VEBA, I attended that this evening and met lots of old friends and acquaintances. It was a nice event but I would do a detailed post on that later this week.

For the show and church I wore this simple dress I made with an Ankara fabric I bought on my Estate street. If there’s something I’ve learnt about fashion is that pricy doesn’t always mean stylish. I bought this fabric for N3,500 that’s about £12 for 6 Yards, I gave it to my tailor to sew into this.

I got so many compliments at church and at the VEBA show. The pattern of the fabric is unique and my tailor did a good job with it. I paired it with my burgundy shoes from Topshop and A brown tote.

My hair is styled Back with a bobby pin and little accessories to spice up the look.

The photos also came out great, my lovely friend Wura took the photos.


FullSizeRender 6

Hope you are more well rested than I am….

I wish you an awesome week ahead.



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