Hello there, It’s been a while on here….I won’t proceed without elucidating to the readers of this segment the reason why I have been MIA (Missing In Action). On the 4th of June, 2016, I took my marriage vows before God, family and friends *blushing*. Prior to this time, I was super busy with the […]

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Hello there! Trust we are all basking in newness of 2016. I thank God for you all, may God crown our efforts with good success. Seeking God in all endeavour is the most important thing. Malachi 3:18 says “and you will see the difference between those who serve me and those who do not”. Its’s […]

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Hello there! Happy new year to all the readers of this segment. I salute you all, may this year bring us the best of the bests of God’s blessings, may our lives express the beauty of God every day and may the works of our hands propser. A wise man said you never recover from […]

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IMG_8941 copyHello there!
Trust you all are doing just fine! Well I thought by the time this post is published the Nigerian election would be have been conducted. Unfortunately, its been postponed. Quite frankly, I thought the postponement wasn’t called for, reason been that; the election date has been predetermined for over a year now, more so, this insecurity issue has been there for a while now (need for more pro-activeness in Nigeria), I don’t think the six weeks would make any major difference (hopeful though). Also, I believe so many economic and managerial decisions are on hold till the election is done, outsiders/investors will perceive Nigerians as politically unstable (My Opinion). Nigerian stocks for instance is experiencing one of its greatest falls since the postponement announcement (the market reacts to such news negatively). Nigeria shall get to the promise land by the grace of God. I salute all our non-Nigerian readers.

In today’s post, the emphasis is on ‘mind-set’ expedient to possess to excel in research as a student.
I describe ‘mind-set’ simply as the way an individual programs his/her reasoning (mental) abilities which is capable of influencing his attitude or behaviour towards something or someone.
Before I continue on the mind-set subject, I would like to give an example of my past research projects as well as the mind-set I had alongside. Here are the research works I have carried out till date;
• Adoption Of IFRS in Nigeria: the Idiosyncrasies (2010)
• Opportunities and Challenges Of IFRS Adoption In Nigeria: Nigerian Banking Sector (2011)
• Challenges SMEs face in Nigeria (2012/2013)
• Why Firms Mimic Each Other’s Capital Structure: Explanations from Product Market Competition (2014)

The first three projects basically express the problems perceived in my environment per time thus using my findings to make constructive recommendations. While working on the last project, the aim was to identify practical underlying principle in firm’s financial policies, critically examine and analyse the results of past literatures as well as provide explanations for conclusions reached by recent researchers on the subject matter.
From the example above

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