Hello there! Trust we are all basking in newness of 2016. I thank God for you all, may God crown our efforts with good success. Seeking God in all endeavour is the most important thing. Malachi 3:18 says “and you will see the difference between those who serve me and those who do not”. Its’s […]

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Hello there! Happy new year to all the readers of this segment. I salute you all, may this year bring us the best of the bests of God’s blessings, may our lives express the beauty of God every day and may the works of our hands propser. A wise man said you never recover from […]

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Hello there!
My heartfelt gratitude goes to the editor for giving me this platform to nurture this baby I have carried for a while.
I am sure majority reading this have at some point been a student. The primary aim of this post and other future posts coming from this platform is to provide support to students, especially students in the University (Bsc or Msc level) who engage in Research (Dissertation as some may call it). I am here to help you through this journey to succeed.

I must admit we’ve (including myself) all had our ups and downs during this phase of our academic journey. I can say by the Grace of God I have excelled colourfully this phase of my Academic level both at Bsc and Msc level. (To God be all the glory).
Because I have observed this is one of the few phases students struggle with in their academic journey, with a burning passion in my heart to see more students excel in this regard I have decided to share relevant tips to an excellent research as well as provide constructive advice where necessary. It is important to state here that I do not claim to know it all but I can be part of your

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